Food for re-supply

No one can carry food for 150 days.  My journey is actually split up into 33 small 2-8 day segments. Most of them end near civilization where I can purchase food for the next leg. 

Some, however end near a small town with a gas station and combination restaurant/post office.  For these I can mail myself food!  I have 13 of these I need to plan for.  Since I will need a LOT of calories AND I don’t want to get tired of the same food 3-4 months from now, this is a challenge.  

Above is most, but not all of the food I’ve purchased. I already packed two boxes!

The keen eye will see a Bear Canister to the right and shoe boxes to the left. As I need specialized or replacement gear, that can be mailed to me as well. 

The plan is to have these boxes packed and ready before the 10th when I leave for San Diego.  

Less than a week left!  I’m not quite panicking yet, but it’s hard to get to sleep at night!  Meh…I can sleep when I reach Canada.  ðŸ˜‰


2 thoughts on “Food for re-supply

  1. Very admirative of your level of preparation and activity. All my positive thoughts and vibes are with you now and during your trip and the recovery phase 🙂


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