It’s a new year and I’m gonna finish

I’m back.  Last year, 2017 was a bust with babying my knee and leg to get them to heal.  They’re about 80% now and I’m satisfied I can get back to serious hiking.

What I want to do is FINISH THE PCT!  Starting July 1st!

Recap:  I started the PCT journey in 2015 doing 2/3 of California then skipping ahead and hiking all of Washington into Canada before stopping.  I had pulled/strained something in my abdomen and it was painful to hike, so I quit that year.  But I still did over 1700 miles!

In 2016 I started where I left off in California (Donner Pass, Mile 1150).  At roughly Mile 1225 I fell crossing a creek (East Bear Trap Creek, to be exact) and fractured my left Tibia. (Lower leg bone)  Thinking it was just bruised I hiked/limped to Mile 1500, where I called it quits.  So for 2016, I hiked just 350 miles.

Right now I have 600 miles to go to finish the PCT, and that’s my goal for this year.

I’ll be starting at mile 1500 where the PCT crosses I-5 going west.  (Near Castella, CA)  Then continuing west and north into Oregon.  I will end at Mount Hood near the Oregon/Washington border.  (See the maps below)

I gained back most of the weight I lost in 2015 and 2016.  😦  So the hike will be extra tough.  In addition, the base weight for my pack is a heavy 23.1 lbs.  (Base weight is everything except food, fuel and water)  Best I will do right now, but ouch.

The full pack weight with 7 days of food and 2 1/2 liters of water is 37 lbs.  (groan!)  It’s going to be extra fun because the first 20 miles is mostly climbing with 4,600ft of elevation gain.

Most of this trip is REALLY remote.  I will have NO cell service and no WiFi for most of the next two months, so updates will be roughly every 8-10 days.

For the curious, this is my on-line Planner with resupply plans, mileage, etc.

Maps!  The first is Northern California and into Oregon.  The second is just Oregon.

PCT N-cal 2018 b_editPCT Oregon 2018 edit

4 thoughts on “It’s a new year and I’m gonna finish

  1. HalfFast Michael,
    So good to hear from you! I have been want to write to you but as it go’s something interrupts my thoughts and I set all aside. My failing.
    I am so glad hear that you are determined to complete the PCT, you will of course and you can be very proud and satisfied indeed of the accomplishment.
    As for us Edison Old Farts, sadly, we’ll not be up there this year three of the four old guy have dropped out and are not going to be returning to Edison. Gary Fletcher is 88 yrs and does not want to drive the distance anymore. My brother in law Denny is 80 yrs and has been diagnosed with early stage Parkinson’s. He has fear of falling due to balance problems and does not want to risk falling while up there. Doug; brother to Denny and our cook is 75 yrs and had a stroke’ then a fall, He no longer want’s to drive with all his gear from the North West corner of Nevada (Spring Creek) anymore. That leaves me and my two sons at this point. I’m very near 75 and in pretty fair shape and want to go until I cannot. But this year my two sons, who, work for the same company are quite committed at this time with WORK!. So bottom line we wont be at Edison this year. I will miss it dearly. I hope some day we’ll meet again up at Edison just off the lake near the boat ramp drive.
    I wish you well and God Speed…Stay on track and be safe…

    Bill Pennock
    A Lone Old Fart

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    • Bill, great to hear from you! I’ll be turning 66 on Tuesday (while on trail!) and agree age is a tough hill to climb.
      I still have fond memories of you and your merry group and I’m sad you couldn’t make this year. Still, every life you touched in a positive way while being a trail angel meant a lot to many people. Your team will be missed.


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