Soon to be back on the trail!

Time flys…it doesn’t seem like 9 months since I came off the PCT, but somehow the days flowed into each other and here we are.  During that time I healed and stayed active.  And ate.  Oh, lord did I eat.  Sadly, I have some serious weight to hike off this year.

I will be back on the trail this Friday, June 11th and Yes, I am going to finish the Pacific Crest Trail!  Just 950 miles left to go.


Recap of 2015: I hiked from the Mexican border to Donner Pass, (I-80 in California) then skipped ahead to the Washington/Oregon border and hiked into Canada; Roughly 1,800 miles.  Then I quit the trail due to injuries.

Forward to 2016:  The plan is to meet my hiking buddy, Turtle this Saturday and start at Donner Pass.  We will continue through Northern California, cross into Oregon and finish at Mount Hood in Northern Oregon.  We had to wait until June due to the snows in the High Sierras and Cascades.  Fun Fact: Donner Pass is the northernmost point of the Sierras.  Thereafter, the mountains are volcanic and are considered part of the Cascades which extends all the way into Canada.

The picture above is the food boxes I packed for my resupplies.  The areas I’m hiking are very remote.  In many cases the small towns we cross into don’t have any food available other than gas station convenance stores.  So we send ourselves food!  There may not even be a Post Office.  Examples of the places I will be mailing to are:

  • Country Store, in Sierra City, CA
  • Burney Falls State Park, CA
  • Shelter Cove Resort, OR
  • Big Lake Youth Camp, OR

If it is along the route, and they accept packages, we use ’em!  Sometimes we will be going off trail for R&R; Wash clothes, shower, etc.  The object isn’t to do that too often, but sometimes you just gotta get rid of the trail grime.

Other than this Blog, another source to track where I will be going is my PCT Planner here:  The plan is to update the planner as I go so that the dates line up with reality.  For instance, if I leave Belden on 6/23 (One day later than the planner shows) all of the subsequent dates will be updated.

One of the problems with this leg of the journey is the lack of Cell Coverage.  Blog updates will be infrequent!  I will do the best I can, however.  Next update will be this Saturday!  (If I-80 has Cell Coverage…)

4 thoughts on “Soon to be back on the trail!

  1. Yay! Happy to hear you will hit the trail and finish those miles. I recently took a group of young teen girls on their first introductory backpacking trip, and it was a success. I hope they were inspired and have the confidence to move forward and try backpacking as they grow up…maybe even tackling the PCT one day!

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