Decision time…where to go next

We can not get to Canada right now; The fires in Washington are too intense and too many closures. So we are going to go south and do one of the sections we skipped. 

The area around Mount Hood in Oregon gets snow in the fall, and isn’t too far from where we are at. So the plan is to hike the 55 mile section from the Timberlne Lodge north to Cascade Locks. By then the fires may be under control and we can get back to where we left off and complete Washington!  

In the meantime, Turtle needs new glasses to replace the ones he lost when he fell off the trail. 

So we took the bus from Darrington to Arlington, transferred to a bus to Everett, and transferred again to get to Bothel, WA where Turtle’s sister lives.  Senior Discounts Rocks! $1.00 per bus ride. Nice. 

He got his new glasses at Lens Crafters and is set. We reserved seats on Amtrak from Everett, WA to Bingen-White Salmon, WA for Saturday.  From there we can hitch south on highway-35 to Timberline Lodge at Mount Hood.  That may be on Sunday, since the train won’t get there until 6:20pm Saturday evening. 

Here is the map of Washington/Oregon again to give some idea of the crazy route we are taking. 


Here is a photo of a sign posted at the Darrington Inn. The nice Chinese woman really didn’t understand English, and I really cannot understand half of what this is saying. Had to share. 😏


3 thoughts on “Decision time…where to go next

  1. So relieved to see your posts! I’ve been following the fires and comparing the fire maps to the PCT maps, concerned that the proximity is about the same as to the towns they’ve been evacuating… Glad to know you’re both safe! Say “hi” to Turtle and his sister (and cousin, if you see her, too) for us! Such lovely people!

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