Entering Washington

My journey has taken a jump. I jumped from mile 1,157 to mile 2,144.  Why jump over 987 miles?  Because I’d like to hike the whole PCT this year, and don’t think I can make it to Washington before the winter snows. 

So Turtle and I jumped ahead on Amtrak to the Oregon/Washington border and will begin the morning of July 23. We expect it to take 31-35 days to reach Canada and then have to decide if we go back to Donner Pass and hike north through California and Oregon, or back here to hike south through Oregon first. We’ll defer that decision for now. 

It took a couple of days to receive our boxes and maps, but now we’re set to begin. The first leg of the state is a big one: 147 miles!  There isn’t any town between here and the Kracker Barrel at White Pass. The Kracker Barrel is also the Post Office, where I pick up my next box of food. A real small town. 

It begins with the “Bridge of the Gods”; the bridge over the Columbia River that is the border between Oregon and Washington. A rather scary bridge as it is an old two lane bridge with no  pedestrian lanes. You share it with buses and trucks. 😳 

I expect there to be little to no cell service through most of Washington state, but I will update when I can. The next chance may be hwy-12, White Pass in 10 days. 



4 thoughts on “Entering Washington

  1. Mike,
    I think this change of plan is a really sound idea.
    I’m enjoying your blog & all the pictures. They are really great!
    Enjoy the journey & keep on blogging!
    Tan πŸ™‚

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  2. Loved your Equipment list update. Amazing how much you’ve gone thru and how much weight you’ve lost. I love reading your Blog and seeing everyone. It really is amazing what you are doing and as usual I’m so very proud of you Mike. Hope the new back pack works this time. Keep us posted. Hope you and Turtle have a good trip.

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