On my way to Walker Pass

Got my new pack, on the trail and I’m taking a break. 

The new pack is very different from the old one. The Atmos is designed to fit the body like a glove rather than sit on the hips and shoulders like most packs. It will take some getting used to. 

I hit the trail at noon and after 90 mins and 2 miles I need a break. It’s hot, dry and exposed on the ridge. That’s going to be the norm for the next 90 miles. (It’s 93, not 85 miles)

I may be out of range for the next 5 days. 


3 thoughts on “On my way to Walker Pass

  1. Great choice of packs. My son and husband have that same one and love theirs. Hope it works for you. Thanks for all the posts!


  2. Nice-looking backpack. I hope this new design works for you. Still blown away that everything you need fits in these packs. Hiking mid-day on that section has to be tough. I suspect you’ll be hiking much earlier in the day as you continue to move through. You’ve got good “hiking-sense” and listen to your own body. Hike your own hike. You make the rules there. You may catch up with the gang in the next day or two. They will be equally challenged by the terrain. The camaraderie of friends is fortifying.


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