On the road to Mojave

New shoes, pants and shirt. Its on again!  

I returned four pairs of Brooks shoes to REI: 2 new/unused and two used with holes in the tops. No problem. I’m trying shoes by Vasque now. They seem to fit fine and have good ratings. I purchased their last two pair then ordered 3 more pair on line. They happened to be on sale for $30 off per pair! Saving $150 made me a happy hiker. 😉
I need to hike 100+ miles to hwy 58 where I hitch a ride to the town of Mojave. Most of that is open desert with no water. Luckily the weather is cool, (20% Chance of rain tonight!) because normally it’s hotter than hades and people are forced to hike at night.

So I’ll take the rain, thank you. 😄

The rest of the week is in the 70s, which is still nice. More when i get cell svc again or arrive in Mojave.  


4 thoughts on “On the road to Mojave

  1. Hi Michael. I will be retiring in one year and, like you, will immediately set off for an adventure. Have been day hiking on the Appalachian Trail for a while now. Looking very closely at hiking the Colorado Trail for that first adventure next summer. The CT takes from 4 to 6 weeks to hike. I am in the research and planning stage now.

    As I was looking at trails within the US, I found the PCT website and then your journal. It is wonderful! It has been great to get a sense of that part of the country through your photographs and I’ve gleaned a great deal from your notes on equipment and preparation. I’ve gotten so interested in the PCT that I am reading Yogi’s book.

    Thank you for taking us along. Please keep up the great job. You have a nice approach to sharing each leg of your hike and a good sense of humor.

    I was thinking about that 100 miles ahead before you hitch in to Mojave and I remembered something Yogi wrote. “When you go to bed at night on the trail, think about where you woke up yesterday morning. Think about how many miles, how many passes, how many ridges, how many fords, how many friends, how many conversations about everything and absolutely nothing, how many beautiful views happened in those two days. You’ll experience more in two days on the trail than in an entire month at home. That’s why we do this.”



  2. Well Michael it looks like your off , I hope its the yellow brick road this time, and the town of Aqua Dulce is small but has some good food stores. I loaded up on pizza and even took one for the road. The best part of this town is The Sulflys ranch. They will treat you like royalty and even wash your clothes and have great sleeping arrangements. The stay there is two days when I was there. Ive been following Dan the Marmot. He crossed Forester Pass and skipped over to Lone Pine and headed backto San Diego. He and his male friend Chris  had booked a trip to Japan before he had planned the PCT and that’s why he skipped. He will be retuning May 28 to make up a missed section around Wrightwood. His pictures of Forrester Pass were great, but not a lot of snow. When I did it there was a lot of snow and very dangerous. I thought he signed up for Neds class that goes over the passes in early May. I have that class scheduled for next year, if I am still healthy and fit. It would be the ultimate test for a senior fellow and the views that time of year would be stunning. Happy Trails

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  3. Hi Michael,
    I look forward to reading your almost daily reports and photos. I am enjoying your adventure, you got this!! Take care and be safe!


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