To Baden, or not to Baden; that is the question. 

Finally on the trail again!  It’s a good feeling, but I have made a change on the route. 

There is a  trail closure ahead at mile 386 to protect the “Mountail Yellow-Legged Frog”. They closed 7.8 miles of trail and have a 20.5 mile detour around it. Normally I would summit Mt Baden Powell, meet the detour (South Fork trail) and hike that to the High Desert trail. (Which completes the detour) 

That is 17 miles to the High Desert Tr. OR, I can take the Manzanita Trail before Baden Powell and that takes me directly to the High Desert trail. (5.8 miles)  The Manzanita trail is normally taken in high snow years to avoid Baden Powell. 

Because I’m behind in time I’m choosing to save the 11 miles, bypass Baden Powell and go directly to the official reroute. I’m still hiking and I’ve been to the summit of BP before, so it’s all good. 

There is a chance of rain Thursday into Friday evening, so at least I won’t suffer the heat. 😜 Even though I’m tired of the cloudy weather, I’ll be hiking the Mojave soon enough and DON’T want to anger the Gods. 😳

I plan to make the Acton KOA on Sunday. If I get there early I just may continue on the 10 miles to the town of Agua Dulce. My sister can pick me up at either location and I can return some shoes to REI next week! 

Here is a picture to show I’m making progress!  Note the patches of snow.  


3 thoughts on “To Baden, or not to Baden; that is the question. 

  1. Your decision to take the shorter detour makes sense. Exactly my thought process when confronting those dilemmas.


  2. Hi Michael. I will not report you to the elite punch of dedicated THRU HIKERS that you are cutting short 11 miles to avoid Baden Powell because you got behind due to equipment failure. Please don’t take me serious and don’t feel bad about it. I am just pointing out that situations will arise and you got to make good decision to go forward. Believe me, there will be several more times along the way which you have no control over and you must make the right decision. I had several set backs on my thru and lucky for me that I lived in CA and could make up skipped sections. Your still young and retired and can come back in Summer months to patch up areas that for some reason you couldn’t do. In 08 there were over 200 miles closed due to fires and protected wild life and in the next couple of years I made them up. HIKE YOUR OWN HIKE. If that storm goes through Wrightwood, Baden Powell would be somewhat dangerous to pass. You will totally enjoy Aqua Dulce .  Happy Trails     


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