On to Acton – Mt Baden Powell

Wrightwood is a nice town and hiker friendly.  As usual I was up early and nothing was open except the coffee grind, which gave me tea for free this morning!  He even allowed several hikers to sleep on his covered deck overnight. Real nice guy. 

The Pines Motel might rate one or two stars in AAA, but it’s 4-5 stars for hikers. The room was clean with a fridge, microwave and TV. What bumps it up is when you check in they hand you a small laundry basket with a tall bottle of 3-in-one soap/shampoo for men (ladies may get something different) a tall bottle of lotion and a lufa!  I could finally scrub some of that grime off. I then handed the basket back with my dirty clothes and for $5 they wash them. Total service for hikers!  And very necessary since there is no laundromat in town. 

I hate getting somewhere at the end of a 20+ mile day; I was wiped and it was late.  I didn’t have the time, and more importantly my brain wasn’t in gear to shop for food last night. The market in town was plenty good enough for resupply this morning and I should be set for the 4-5 days to Acton. 

The next peak is Mount Baden Powell, named for the founder of the Boy Scouts. Hopefully there won’t be a Scouting Jamboree going on…😒 The peak is 9,400 ft and reports are there is 18″ of snow up there. Should be interesting climbing from 6,000 up to there. 

Just have to get a hitch back to the trail. Ugh…I’ll say it again: Scruffy old men don’t get the hitches…Let’s hope I’m wrong. 😏

I may be out of pocket for a few days…we’ll see how the coverage is. 

Oh, and Happy Mother’s Day to the ladies out there!


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