Bye, bye Ziggy’s

I feel hugely better today; Hydrated, fed and rested. I needed the Zero. 

The plan is to bug out very early, before 5am to make as much distance as possible before the heat sets in.  Hopefully I can make 15+ miles each day and pull into Big Bear Monday.

My sister will mail me replacement shoes, to be picked up at the hostel in Big Bear. Thanks, Deb!!!

I will be in Wilderness during this period, so won’t have service to update the Blog until I arrive. 

Be good, all!


4 thoughts on “Bye, bye Ziggy’s

  1. Good hiking on the uphill Half-Fast! Hope we get a chance to see you when you hit the Yosemite area with some of us from Inspiring Heights!


  2. Be good.too and good luck w everything!!
    Awesome you’ll get replacement shoes.
    As of me, maybe i should try crying and feeling miserable instead of binge eating. And of course going for short walks or hikes on the beautiful hills of my neighborhood 🙂


  3. Half Fast…great trail name! Great to see you’re settling into the “Trail Grind”.and your feet and knees should be weathering into “trail condition” by now. Great posts, you’re doing a great job! Hmmm, about those self proclaimed “Purists”, experience has taught me true purists don’t need to boast about it. Those “Self Proclaimed” purists clucking loudly at the expense of belittling others, usually are coming up short elsewhere within their lives (they’re not happy people).
    On-On brother…digging the blog!


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