Equipment update

I didn’t plan as well as I had thought. The nights were much colder than I realized and I was freezing my tail off in the evenings. The thin short sleeved wool undershirt just a wasn’t cutting it, and I had no “Camp Shoes”.  

Every book on ultra light backpacking poo-poos them. But I was at the first public shower at Mount Laguna and went: Uh-ho. Plus, everyone else had something to wear to rest and air out their feet. 

So when I arrived at Idyllwild, the outfitter was high on my list. I now have a thicker long sleeve wool shirt and flip-flops!  Love my flip flops!

My shoes are a different story. They are wearing out on ON TOP, and just at mile 210. Not sure they can last to mile 445 where I meet my sister. Very frustrating because they aren’t cheap shoes. Sand is already sneaking in. 😡

The trail has LOTS of places where Nature wants her trail back. Lots of plants crowding the trail and this being desert, ALL have thorns. I’m surprised my pants aren’t in tatters! I managed to avoid most of the spiny cactus, but there are always the sneaky root or three.  

 Here is a typical obstacle on the trail: 


One thought on “Equipment update

  1. Love your sandals. Glad you had a chance to get some so you can rest your feet. I can’t believe the holes in the shoes already. and your right, they are on top!! Also, you call that a trail??!! Looks like one of those short cuts we use to use up in our Mountains at home when hiking thru the brush. Doesn’t look like a trail to me. I’m so happy you have the umbrella too. It keeps the heat off you and that was the most ingenious things you bought. Stay safe and keep up the writing. I like to know how your doing. I’m still so proud of you. Love you so much. Keep up the good work and Congrats on passing 200.

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