Mount San Jacinto

I was offered a ride by a great guy, Shay Blackley who was a vender at the KO.  He was driving back to Utah anyway so a detour to Palm Desert wasn’t out of his way. 

I had an old work friend who lives there: Greg Rose. I’m really appreciating the showers and laundry when it comes my way. Thanks, Greg!!!

On Monday Greg dropped me off at the Palm Springs Tram, which drops me off within 5 miles of the peak. The plan is to summit San Jacinto then rejoin the PCT not far from the closed section, (Fire Closure from 2013) then make my way back down the mountain to cross under I-10. 

It will be in the high 90s in Palm Springs for the next few days, but it’s in the high 30s outside right now at 8,400ft. I’m going to enjoy the cool temps while I can! 😎  


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