Lake Morena Day-2

It rain lightly all night and continued through the morning. Not wanting to cook, I walked the 0.75 mile to the Market/Restaurant down the road and had breakfast. Yogi and her husband, Don were there and I shared a booth. 

Yogi is a minor hiker celebrity, author and owns her own business Yogi’s Books. She is a Double Triple Crown hiker (Triple Crown twice) and her book on the PCT is the Bible. 

I had a great time talking to them both; The stories were endless and funny. A wonderful way to wile away a grey morning. 

Registration for the 2nd session was at noon and the Schedule of Events began. 

  • Poop Talk: Yes, Bears AND Hikers poop in the woods. 
  • Mindfulness: Hiker Meditation 
  • Bears, Food and Fires: How to keep your food safe. 
  • Free Burrito dinner
  • Winter PCT Thru Hike: Pepper talked about the first ever Winter PCT Thru Hike he and Trauma completed this March. 
  • Short Videos and a PCT movie

More Events Scheduled for Saturday.  Here’s my thought for the day.  


One thought on “Lake Morena Day-2

  1. Enjoying your blog. This sounds like a very worthwhile event you are attending. I’m sure you are going to have plenty of stories of your own!


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