Idyllwild and status

I’ve been on trail 11 days!  (12 counting my zero in Julian)  The days run together so much I’m glad I have this blog going. So far, I’m having fun and still motivated to see this journey through to the end. 

How am I really?  Sore and cold!  As someone pointed out in the picture at Mikes, everyone is bundled up. It has been cold in the evenings throughout the trip. Mid-low 40’s with two nights of frost. The days have been mostly in the 80’s and a few 90’s. Big swings are normal in the desert. 

Normally the cold doesn’t bother me. But lately, it’s been hard. And I’m not the only one!  At Mikes EVERYBODY was freezing and had every piece of warm clothing on they had. Except Tom and Mom who had short sleeve shirts and Tom was in shorts. Even with the puffy coats people were shivering. And it was in the high 40’s dropping to the mid later on. 

Why would these hearty, fit hikers shiver like there’s snow on the ground?  My theory is that none of us are eating what we are burning each day.  Several, like myself just aren’t hungry. The fuel has to come from somewhere, and the thin fat layer next to the skin goes first.  This continues until the body says Enough! and the “Hiker Hunger” kicks in. 

This has happened for a few (mostly skinny) already.  It’s when you just CAN’T eat enough, and it leads to weird eating. Olive Oil is high in calories and many use it with meals to add a few calories. What happens when near the bottom of the bottle?  They drink it. Candy bars following large freeze dried meals is common. When people are pushing 20+ miles per day in the mountains, we are burning 4,000-5,000 calories/day!  Still waiting on it happening to me. 

Pace: I feel I earn the trail name: Half-Fast. I’m 3 mph on flat but slow to 0.5-1.5 mph on both uphill and downhill. The “Kids” usually zoom past. I’m OK with that. It’s not a race and sometimes I even catch up!  Canada ain’t going anywhere. 😉

Body and Legs: Some soreness in shoulders and hips. “Vitimin I” (Ibuprofin) is the hikers friend!  No cramps in the evening, so far with normal soreness in the legs. Overall, good. 

Feet: Other than the episode with the bad blisters, much better. Still have heel blisters and are draining in the evenings. May tape those parts. 

Equipment: Mostly good; Several layers for hot or cold are working fine. During the day I’m covered head to toe for Sun protection with extra under layers for the cold. My sleeping quilt is awesome, so far.  The pack (Z-Packs) is just OK. I don’t like the hip-belt. 

That’s it for now. 


The totem at Idyllwild:


5 thoughts on “Idyllwild and status

  1. Thank you for the thorough “state of you”. Yes 11 days hiking is indeed adding up. Surprised you didn’t get sick from being cold and undernourished. Nice to hear that you have company so it doesn’t get lonely. Hi spirits do help with so much.
    San Francisco was cold and windy and i almost got sick again. So glad i am not on the trail.


    • The carbon fiber fabric is slick and slides down my butt when hiking. I’m at the Kick-Off and just traded up to the ZPacks Hauler. The hip belt is vastly improved.


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