PCT Day 2

after a wonderfully quiet night, I resumed hiking toward Lake Morena.  I should mention that there is no water from the border to the lake, a distance of 20 miles. 

At mile 15, Hauser Canyon is a seasonal stream, (dry now) someone had left three Gallon water jugs.  I had three ltr left, but it was a nice thing for someone who was out. Climbing out of the canyon I passed a nice fellow with a bulging green pack. He said he was Mr. Clean and was taking more water down to the cache. 

Mr Clean lives nearby and is a past PCT hiker. He does this on his own and has to battle the rangers who remove the water jugs. He just brings more. I slipped him $10 and shook his hand. 


I stopped briefly at the market/deli at Lake Morena and motered on. 


3 thoughts on “PCT Day 2

  1. Precious water. Great what Mr Clean does although i wonder why the Rangers remove the water, and that you acknowledged him.
    Wishing you to stay healthy for the whole trip. I have a cold/flu today and it’s sucking up all my energy and enthusiasm.

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