Blogging, food and life

So far I’m really enjoying this Blog.  Pontificating on things is something I enjoy doing, and the mini-essay format with tight coupling of pictures or video to text is fun and enjoyable.  I can see keeping this going as I go through the PCT this year.

Food…stressful.  Trying to decide what to purchase for the meals I will be mailing out, and it’s hard to make that final order for over $500 of trail food.  What to buy that I won’t mind eating 4 to 5 months from now… ARGH!  I just don’t want to end up with either not enough food, or food I won’t eat and wind up throwing away in the “Hiker Boxes”.


I am retiring from my company in March, just before I start the hike in April.  More stress as I have to get my finances sorted out before I hit the trail!

If that wasn’t enough, I decided to move out of the rented house I live in and move all my belongings into storage before starting the hike in April.  Why pay rent on something I’m not using?  Sounds simple, but…ugh…dumping a life’s worth of junk and storing the “Good” stuff is easier said than done.  Did I mention stress?

57 days to go!

I’m gonna be bald by April.  Luckily I wear a hat.  😉

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