Alaska… Made It

The Yukon and all of the “Northern” territories in Canada use the 60th parallel as their southern border. When you’ve reached this, you are truly “North”.

Fun stuff I came across while traveling the Yukon. Watson Lake had the neatest “Sign Post Forest”. It was huge, covering almost an acre and it was fun looking at the signs from all over the world.

Another weird thing I found in Teslin was a fake Mountie! Over 1,000 miles through BC and the Yukon and I didn’t see ONE Mountie. (Cop car with lights) But I found the fake one!

Traveling along I spotted smoke! Yeah a budding forest fire and I had a slight panic until I passed it. There are no “Alternative” roads up here. If the Alcan Highway is blocked, you go back! It was small, though. The picture is through my bug-splattered windshield.

Another hour and I saw MORE smoke. Or, what I thought was smoke. It turned out to be dust!!

There is a long 55 mile lake in the Yukon called Kluane Lake, and the road follows most of the shore. At the southeast side is what used to be the stream from the Kluane Glacier. The wind picks up the dust from the exposed lake bed and it really looked like smoke!

The real problem was NONE of the Rest Stops 20 miles before, during, and 20 miles after the damned lake allowed Overnights! So I had to drive another 100 miles to find a place for the night. My only 500 mile, 11 hour day.

The following day I reached the Alaskan Border. Other than the border building, I knew I had reached Alaska because:

  • The road turned to crap. The Canadian side was Wonderfully smooth and easy to drive on. The American side, not so much. Bumpy, wavy and with occasional pot holes. Ugh.
  • My SiriusXM radio quit. No signal! It was good all through Canada, but right after the border crossing it just won’t pick up a signal. Maybe Alaska didn’t pay their Satellite Bill?

It was less than 300 miles to Fairbanks, so I made it the same day. I’m staying at the River’s Edge RV park, and it was nice to use the laundry. It’s on the Chena River which flows through Fairbanks; it’s nice, quiet and I took a few days to unwind.

One good thing I found is my ATM card works again! So, it was just in Canada it won’t work as cash. I still have to have my son send me the new one when it arrives. Damn it.

Here is the famous statue of Santa Blowing His Nose. The kids love it! Located in the town of North Pole! You never know what you’ll find up here.

The days are LONG. Over 20 hours of Daylight, and the sky never darkens. Makes it tough to know when to sleep! Why am I tired? It’s light out! Oh, yeah: It’s midnight.

Leaving next for Denali National Park for some hiking soon.

3 thoughts on “Alaska… Made It

    • Sisterdeb,
      Have you heard anymore from Michael Booth?? Because I have not seen any of his posts for a long time.
      Please respond…this is not a hoax!!

      A friend of Michaels
      Bill Pennock


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