Rocky walk to Burney SP

Note to self: Walking through old lava fields sucks. 

Friday,  July 1st ——-

The terrain continued with the low chaparral, finally finding some stands of trees. We started early and the temperature was cool. By noon we had decended to the rocky plains where the heat baked us. It was over 100deg and there was almost no shade. The problem was our lack of water; we didn’t have enough given the heat. We had no choice but to continue…the creek was at the 16 mile point. 

When we arrived at the creek, we were a out of water and seriously dehydrated. I chugged two liters as soon as I could filter!  They tasted SO good. 

The Hat Creek Rim has been defeated!  It ranks as one of my least favorite sections of the PCT. 

the 17+ mile hike really stressed my knee. It was difficult to make the last two miles. Not sure if I’m up to 20 mile days through Oregon. Time will tell. 

We met two guys our age going southbound: Old Salt and Kermet. They both were section hiking the trail. Old Salt had a tale of woe: When his wife, (who insisted he do the hike) dropped him off at the trail, she announced she was filing for divorce!  Now he’s not sure where he’s going to live when he gets off trail. She’s 15 years his junior and still working while he’s retired.  Not all stories are funny…

Saturday, July 2nd ——- My Birthday!

Our camp was in trees for shade, 500 feet from a lake. The bad was it was still freaking hot and the lake was surrounded with poison oak. With no relief from the heat I just sat in my tent nearly naked till the sun went down listening to the Osprey fight with the Geese. (There were lots of mosquitos)

In the morning all we have is a short, 11 mile hike to Burney State Park. We have water off trail at the 7 mile point, which we’re happy about! 

Burney SP has showers and my next resupply box, with new shoes!  I’m so excited by that since the ones I’m wearing are falling apart and have lost the middle layer protecting from rock bruises. 

Wow! We came across the BEST Trail Magic ever!  Water, Soda, Bananas, Candy, Apple Sause cups and more! Even a table. To sit at!  Wonderful! It felt like a B-Day Present! 😍

Refreshed, we’re ready to highball to Burney SP!


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