KOA then off to the Sierras

Spending the night at the Lake Isabella KOA before a 5:15am bus ride back to the trail head at Walker Pass. (Ugh)

This is the last 3 1/2 day stretch before Kennedy Meadows. That is the last post of civilization before entering the Sierras. I doubt I will have Cell Service until I exit Kearsarge Pass to the town of Independence 8 days after that. So, 12-13 days out of pocket once I leave here.  

I promise lots of pictures when I get back on line!


3 thoughts on “KOA then off to the Sierras

  1. Doing great Half Fast! How is your new pack working out? Kennedy Meadows is a great stop and they have some great food. The last date to leave there traditionally is June 15 to make it to Canada before October 1. I went to VVR from Kennedy Meadows carrying 10 days of food in my bear canister. The ferry ride on lake Edison was great and the food there was very good. I saw some of the pictures from Marmot Dan and the snow conditions over the passes is not bad. He should be at Donner Pass on June 17. He appears to be doing fine. Clare and Andrew are miles behind you and doing fine also. The weight of the comb replaces the weight of the hair you lost. You can cut your comb in half for your beard trimming and cut the weight in half that way. June 8 I start a 100 mile Western States Trail thru hike. It starts at Squaw Valley and ends at Auburn. Happy Trails


    • The pack is pretty good, overall. The extra pockets and features almost outweigh the 4.5lb weight. It does carry the 40+ lb weight much better, so I’m happy. Good luck on your hike.


  2. Mike – Great story. Your adventure is extremely impressive for you and all of the PCT hikers. I look forward to reading more when your time permits. Wishing you good weather and level hiking.
    Dean Parcells


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