Stuck in Wrightwood…again?

I can’t seem to leave Wrightwood. 

My hike on Wednesday started great until I took the reroute trails. It turns out they were poorly maintained, and I had another clue: I was alone. 

I am hiking the PCT by myself, but I always see other hikers throughout the day as they pass me, I pass them, etc. however I saw no one for two days. I missed the company.

Wednesday was 16 miles, which considering the trail was pretty good. The reroute trail took me east of the mountains, and I camped close to where I would head back west. 

Today, Thursday I started with sunny sky’s that quickly turned grey the further west I went. I gained enough elevation to go over a small pass and it started to snow.  As I dropped elevation it turned to hail, then rain. I have a rain coat, but my pants and shoes were wet. It was another 10 miles to Hwy-2, so I trudged on. 

Then it started to snow again. When I finally hit the highway around 4pm there was 4-6″ of snow on the ground and it was still coming down. And the wind picked up just to make my life interesting. My pants and shoes were still soaked, I was shivering and decided to take the first hitch I could get. This nice guy, Bret came by and said he was looking expressly for hikers in this weather. He already had one person: Sara. Bret lives in Wrightwood, so we came back here. 

Everything cheap was booked, so I ended up with a more expensive motel, but right now I’m in a warm bed with my clothes drying by the heater. SO worth it. 

This storm will continue through Friday evening, so I’ll be here until Saturday. Damn, I arrived in Wrightwood LAST Saturday.  Worst unplanned week ever.  

At least I can get a ride back to where I left off. 

The desert view: 

Poor selfie with soggy lens: 


3 thoughts on “Stuck in Wrightwood…again?

  1. Wow, i cannot believe everything you’re going through, the cold, snow, being wet and cold, hiking for miles just to realize that you took the wrong trail.
    Hard to imagine that weather when i’m running in the SF street w shorts and tank top.
    So relieved to hear you’ve made it to a real bed with comfort and heat and can dry out your clothes.
    Wondering if i’d rather be doing the PCT and stuck in a place for a few days, or be stuck obsessing over a guy who doesn’t care about me and who is so not worth it to start with. I’ll pick the second bc i still have a certain amount of control over my feelings and how i can get unstuck.
    Anyway, so heart warming to hear that there are caring people out there watching out and helping out hikers.
    Wishing you renewed strength to continue your journey 🙂

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  2. Worst drought in CA history and your getting snowed on! I’m so happy someone found you though. The irony to be taken back to Wrightwood is very funny but I know it’s aggravating for you, but I’m so happy your in a nice warm room now. Hopefully by Saturday you can start your journey again and this take directions from someone! Love your pictures. I really like the new you, the rugged mountain man, the beard and mustache look great on you. I actually missed them when you shaved the last time and hope you keep them this time. Hugs and Kisses from afar. Take care of yourself Big Brother.

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